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heat resistant tiles Manufacturer in chennai

About RocoTile

A little about us

Rocotile is designed to provide a permanent solution to skyrocketing temperatures by making your home cool through innovative cool roofing technology that fights against the deadly solar radiation.

It’s a new age roofing solution which is super strong, highly durable and well suited for all types of terrace roofs – new and old alike. It helps you save a great deal by minimizing substructure cost during the initial planning stages itself. Rocotile is made using German Technology precision and ultra-protection to your family.

Ceramic Cool Roof tiles is a Green Building technology which is suitable to humid areas or urban areas like India. It is a relatively very much affordable with substantial benefits. The benefits of cool roof tiles are low temperature, less maintenance cost, minimum energy usage, no air pollutant emissions, and improved air quality.

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Our Experience


We are proud to supply RocoTile – the best quality roof tiles with 100% customer satisfaction in Chennai-Vanagaram. We have a team of professional engineers to give your home a new look with good quality and finish.

Rocotile is one of the trending heatproof tiles for the rising temperature. Thermal insulation tile protects us from UV rays and keeps us relaxed throughout the season. These weatherproof tiles are designed with the advanced technology that incorporates natural raw materials and pollutant free materials which have been tested and certified by ISO 9001 2019.

We are totally different from that of our counterparts who had entered into this market much earlier than us, by supplying the high-quality tiles. Going green is more than just being ‘eco’, it is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Rocotile-Roof cooling tiles are the most trusted roof tiles that have been tested and verified by the national test house result and is a certified as a member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for having the dedication in producing “Eco-Friendly Tiles”. Rocotile, as the best cooling roof tiles, we have been honored by the Green Building Initiative. We are proud to be a part of making the world a better place by using improvised technologies and raw materials that are environmentally safe. We shape your building adjustable to every climatic condition

heat resistant tiles in chennai
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