Rocotile Industries Private Limited, provides you a brand new experience in the world of Roofing Tiles. Rocotile reflects 80% of the sun heat instead of absorbing it and keeps buildings cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool them through A/C. Rocotile is made using German Technology promising precision and ultra protection to your family.

Heat Resistance

It is 100% UV resistant which keeps cool your home even during hot summer

Easy to Lay

It is very easy lay just like other tiles and does require a specialized approach

Less Stain Absorption & Fungal Free.

It requires less maintenance and absolutely free from fungus

Highly Durable

It is super strong, multicomponent tile which is also highly durable



Easy to maintain

It does not require a special maintenance

German Technology

It is made using state of the art german technology and has passed through stingent heat radiation test to qualify to be the best in the market

Best Waterproofing solution

It is also acts as a best waterproofing solutions thereby ensuring no leakages


It cost lesser compared to the solutions it offers


It is made using natural raw materials with green technology thereby 100% ecofriendly

Saves More

Save lot on the construction by minimizing substructure cost

Heat Resistance Comparison

Laying Instructions

  • 12mm chips concrete is required to set level for slope
  • Check if the concrete is cured properly
  • In the ratio of 1:4 screed cement mortar
  • To avoid uneven surface its advisable to keep the hand mixture while laying the tiles over bed mortar
  • 25mm is the maximum thickness the cement mortar can have
  • The joints should be filled in 1:1 ratio with white cement with marble powder or polymer grounting materials should be used
  • Avoid using steel hammer while laying
  • Leave the area after laying to get dried for 48hours
  • In between the lines use 4mm or 5mm spacer
  • To clean the top surface easily wet the bottom of the tile before laying so that the top is dry
  • The tile layed area has to be cured for 3 to 4 days by spreading water
  • A thick paste of cement paste has to be made to spread on the mortar

Favourable Condition for Laying Rocotile

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