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Why Rocotile


But why?

Global warming! We keep hearing murmurs from all around “it’s never been this hot so far”, aren’t we? Looking for an immediate, easy, permanent but economically viable, eco-friendly solution? We are here to help you with our innovative and technologically advanced roof cooling system. Cool? Yes, Super COOL!

ROCOTILE is reliable and well suited for all types of terrace roofs and walls protecting your family from the ever-rising temperature.

Heat Resistance

  • 100% UV Resistant tiles.
  • Shields your home
  • Keeps you cozy


  • Duality of roles played
  • Acts as a water-proof system too!
  • Thus no leakage / seepage worries


  • Less costs compared to other tiles
  • Reduces substructure cost
  • Thereby saving on construction cost

New Technology

  • Advanced technology in composition
  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Consistent Research and Development.


  • Composed of natural raw materials
  • Green Technology Method
  • Environment pollution-free


  • Strong multi-component tiles
  • Doesn’t worn out
  • Under any weather condition

Easy to lay tiles

  • No special approach required
  • No additional expertise required
  • Can be laid just like any other tiles

Fungal free

  • High resistance to fungi
  • Specially formulated Glaze Technology
  • Inhibits through antimicrobial treatment

No stain absorption

  • Best waterproof solution
  • Safeguards from the staining agents
  • Easily removable/wiped off/ mopped

Easy Maintenance

  • No special maintenance required
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions

Instructions for Laying Rocotiles 

  • 12mm chips concrete required to set level for slope
  • Concrete should have been cured properly
  • Screed Cement Mortar to be in the ratio of 1:4
  • Advisable to keep hand mixture while laying the tiles over bed mortar to obtain even surface
  • 25mm is the maximum thickness the cement mortar can have
  • Spacers in-between the tiles to be of 4-5mm
  • Avoid steel hammer ,while laying
  • The joints should be filled in, in the ratio of 1:1, with white cement and marble sand/quartz or any grouting compound
  • Laid area to be left undisturbed for 48 hours to get dried up
  • The tile laid area has to be cured for 5 to 7 days by spraying (or pouring) water

Heat Resistance Comparison

cool tiles rocotile

Right time to lay the Rocotiles

On completion of

  • Painting the rooms
  • Plumbing work for the entire building
  • Wiring in the terrace
  • Civil work in the terrace
Laying of cool roof tiles